Shocking Leaks Reveal Disturbing Tau Codex Secrets

There has been much excitement in the Warhammer 40k community with the recent leaks of the new T’au Empire codex. Baobei takes an in-depth look at what these tau codex leaks could mean for T’au players and the game at large. With changes to statblocks, weapons, wargear, and more, T’au seem poised to unleash devastating firepower on their enemies. Baobei analyzes key leaked details like Coldstar Commanders gaining extra movement, Riptides becoming Heavy Support, and Kroot getting boosts making them dangerous in melee. How will these leaks shift the T’au Empire meta if proven accurate? Read on to learn more and see why Warhammer fans everywhere eagerly await the official codex release.

Shocking Leaks Reveal Disturbing Tau Codex Secrets
Shocking Leaks Reveal Disturbing Tau Codex Secrets

I. Tau Codex Leak Reveals New Rules and Units

Enhanced Mobility and Markerlights

The leaked codex indicates buffs to mobility, with rules like Advanced Positions allowing battlesuits to make normal moves after advancing. Markerlights also seem reworked – units can gain bonuses like ignore cover without expending markerlight tokens.

Unit Markerlight Bonus
Pathfinders Improved BS
Broadsides Ignore Cover

New Subfactions and Custom Sept Tenets

The leak reveals new subfactions like the Fi’rios Dog Soldiers, along with Custom Sept Tenets to craft personalized attributes. Players can mix and match two Tenets for bonuses like improved Overwatch or extra AP on assault weapons.

  • Fi’rios Dog Soldiers
  • Vash’ya Sept
  • Dal’yth Sept

II. Longstrike and Other Leader Stats and Abilities

Enhanced Leader Abilities

The new Codex introduces upgraded stats and abilities for T’au leaders like Commander Longstrike. His tank ace ability now grants full re-rolls to hit, improving accuracy for nearby Hammerheads.

Leader New Ability
Longstrike Full re-rolls for Hammerheads
Darkstrider Improved markerlight

New Signature Systems

There are also new signature systems for passing out special wargear. The Puretide Engram Chip grants a once-per-battle full hit re-roll aura.

  • Puretide Engram Chip
  • Thermoneutronic Projector
  • Neuroweb System Jammer

III. Upgraded Weapons and Wargear for Tau Units

Enhanced Markerlights

The new Markerlight table provides more bonuses at lower markerlight counts. At one hit, enemies lose cover, while five hits let Battlesuits reroll 1s to hit. This makes it easier to leverage markerlights’ accuracy boosts.

Markerlight Hits Bonus Conferred
1 No cover bonuses
5 Battlesuits can reroll 1s to hit

Upgunned Rails and Plasma

Heavy rail rifles get extra AP, while high-yield missile pods trade blast for 2 damage. This brings greater firepower, albeit at an increased cost.

  • Heavy Rail Rifle: AP-3
  • High-Yield Missile Pod: 2 Damage

Prototype Weapon Systems

New Prototype Weapons give fresh options to Crisis Teams and Broadsides. The Magna Rail Rifle boosts shots and AP, while the Plasma Rifle Rifles sprays 12″ S6 AP-3 shots.

Weapon Range Strength
Magna Rail Rifle 36″ 8
Plasma Rifle Rifles 12″ 6

IV. Changes to Crisis Battlesuits, Riptides and Kroot

Upgrade Options for Crisis Battlesuits

The leaked Codex shows Crisis Battlesuits gaining access to a new Support System called Multi-tracker. This allows the unit to ignore the penalty for Advancing and firing Assault weapons. With their mobility a key strength, this makes Crisis Teams even more maneuverable.

System Effect
Multi-tracker Ignore Advance and shoot Assault weapon penalty

Enhanced Weaponry for Riptides

Riptides can now take advantage of Magna Rail Rifles, a new heavy weapon profile. The Magna Rail Rifle improves on the standard Heavy Burst Cannon with better AP, damage and an extra point of strength.

  • S8 AP-3 Damage D3+3
  • 36″ Heavy 6

Changes to Kroot Units

There are also a few tweaks to Kroot stats. Kroot Carnivores have lost their infiltrate ability but have a 6+ “Save in Cover”. Kroot Hounds have gone up 1 point per model but their stats are otherwise unchanged.

Unit Key Change
Kroot Carnivores No Infiltrate, 6+ Save in Cover
Kroot Hounds 1 extra point per model

V. What the Leaks Mean for Tau Players

More Dynamic Gameplay

The leaks indicate more mobility and flexibility for many Tau units. With Fly keyword additions, falling back and shooting abilities, and expanded Sept Tenets, T’au forces will play faster and more dynamically.

Unit New Ability
Crisis Suits Fall Back and Shoot
Riptides Fly Keyword

Enhanced Markerlight Support

Markerlights see a refresh with easier application and greater bonuses. Pathfinders gain ObSec, and other units have new stratagems for lighting up targets.

  • Ignore Cover on Markerlit Unit
  • No Hit Roll for Seeker Missiles
  • Boost AP of Attacks

VI. Conclusion

The leaked 9th edition Tau Codex reveals impactful changes for the T’au Empire. With updates to stats, gear, and abilities across units, T’au players have much to consider for their army lists and tactics. While unofficial, the details provide an intriguing glimpse of what’s likely to come soon for the sleek battlesuits and high-tech weaponry of the T’au.